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$50,000 Capital Required

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New Sports Gear is Expensive!

Used sporting goods retail stores benefit from a large market of thrifty shoppers looking to save on athletic equipment. It makes sense, when you do the math. Youth sports equipment costs an arm and a leg, and before you turn around, they’ve already grown and need bigger gear. It’s enough to truly tax a parents wallet or, even worse, dissuade them from enrolling their children in sports programs altogether.

According to Ohio University, between bats, gloves, shoes, and protective gear, parents are very likely to spend well over $1,000 to outfit a child to play on a baseball team. Add in the fact that a child likely will need to have their equipment replaced as they grow and advance in their sport, and parents can end up paying out $30,000 or more in equipment for one child to play a sport between ages 8 and 18.



The 2nd Time Sports Franchise Opportunity

When you open your 2nd Time Sports store in your community, you’ll be establishing a place where customers become loyal, returning again and again for their children’s sports gear needs—and sometimes pop in for something for themselves. You’ll carefully clean and refurbish valuable sports equipment, saving it from ending up in a landfill. And you’ll be making a real difference in lives of your neighbors, giving them an affordable alternative to pricey new sports equipment.

With the low investment and extensive support that comes with a 2nd Time Sports used sporting goods franchise, you’ll be outfitting local athletes in no time. We’re ready for you to join our team. So, lace up your cleats and let’s hit the field together!

Why open a 2nd Time Sports sporting equipment resale shop

This is How the Game is Played

At 2nd Time Sports, we serve customers’ need for quality sports and fitness equipment at an affordable price, sold by people who have the passion and know-how to get them the right gear. When customers walk into our stores, they have the opportunity to buy gently used sports equipment — everything from cleats and skates to pads and helmets, and so much more. In addition to buying used sports equipment at affordable prices, 2nd Time Sports customers also have the opportunity to sell us their used equipment for cash, trade it for store credit, or even donate it.

When items come in, we do more than simply stock them on the shelf. Each piece of equipment gets refurbished to look, smell and work as good as new, so our customers know they’re getting a good deal along with a great price.

We go beyond used equipment to offer new items also — our store stock is a 70/30 split of used to new items. If a customer can’t find what he or she is looking for within our used inventory, we likely have a new item for them to buy. If we don’t have it, we will order it for them through our many online and dealer resources. This multi-tiered product and service offering creates an environment in which 2nd Time Sports customers can get what they want, and don’t walk out of the store empty-handed.



How 2nd Time Sports differs from the opponents

We are the Game-Changer

We’re not a “bag and tag” operation, like some of our competitors. When an item comes into our store, it starts in our “magic room,” where it’s fully inspected to ensure it’s safe and effective for use. Then, we clean and refurbish the item to as close to new quality as possible. Cleats are cleaned, skates are sharpened and gloves are re-laced. This special attention to each item increases customers’ feeling they are getting a good deal.

We also use our ozonator sanitizing machine to sanitize all equipment, eliminating harmful bacteria and creating a safer playing experience. This process also deodorizes equipment.

When a customer buys a helmet or pair of figure skates at 2nd Time Sports, they won’t smell the head or feet of the wearer before them. The deodorization increases the likelihood that the customer will buy the item, and it also creates an overall more pleasant shopping experience.

Once items make it to the sales floor, they are carefully organized by sport, type of equipment and size. No heaps of hockey pants to dig through, no bins of clumsy cleats. Everything is orderly, making our stores particularly attractive to women, though everyone loves the ease of finding just what they want.

Each item is tagged with three prices: the new price, the online price and the 2nd Time Sports price. This way, customers can analyze on the spot the deal they’re getting, and know that 2nd Time Sports equipment is their most affordable choice.

With a 2nd Time Sports Franchise, Everybody wins

Settle the Score for a Growing Industry

With more Americans than ever before pursuing an active lifestyle, 2nd Time Sports franchisees will be poised and ready to fulfill a growing need in their communities—one for good-quality used sports equipment sold in a friendly community atmosphere.

As the owner of a 2nd Time Sports retail store, part of your job will be helping parents engage their children in youth sports through affordable and properly fitting gear and equipment.



Are you a First Draft Pick for 2nd Time?

Our ideal franchisees fall into a couple of categories: sports lovers with some business knowledge, or a businessperson with some sports knowledge who is perhaps interested in becoming a multi-unit investor.

Owner-operators should be prepared to be on-site or have a regular on-site store manager. Multi-unit investors should have the investment capital necessary to open three or more stores before receiving a substantial return, and they must have a regular on-site store manager.

The perfect person to run a 2nd Time Sports franchise exudes trust and integrity, and has a strong work ethic with a high energy level. He or she is a community or business leader, and has a well-respected image in the community. It also helps if the person has connections to local sports teams or activity networks, and has an active personal lifestyle, as well.

If you can see yourself behind the counter of your own 2nd Time Sports location, buying and selling used equipment to grateful community customers, contact us today to get the ball rolling!


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