College Hunks

$60,000 Capital Required

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College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving is a franchise opportunity unlike any other. It’s an established, award-winning business with incredibly rapid growth. The reason for our growth is simple: we focus on the people we serve rather than just the function we perform. We build trust through our clean-cut, considerate and stress-free approach to an otherwise “junk” and stress-filled industry.

Along with junk removal and full service local moving, we also offer labor services, storage solutions, donation pickups, real estate and property management assistance and more. As a full-service, one-stop shop for all moving and junk removal needs, our synergistic approach allows greater cross-selling and bundling, to create a 100% stress-free experience for all of our clients and greater revenue opportunities for all of our franchisees. 

As a B2C and a B2B service company, we operate on the front-lines of customer relations by actually performing our service within the clients’ homes, apartments/condos and properties. As a result, we must be incredibly sensitive to the unique circumstances of each individual client. When a client gets evicted, is in the midst of a divorce, or is suffering the recent loss of a loved one, they need to have their belongings moved or removed in a stress-free manner. We provide that.

We also service B2B customers. Our B2C is about 80% of our business and our B2B is about 20% of our business.

We also provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing those possessions will be given a second life or recycled in the most environmentally way possible, as we do with 70% of everything we haul. 

Our organization uses four core values to guide decision making, culture and growth:

  • Building Leaders
  • Always Branding
  • Create a Fun, Enthusiastic Team Environment
  • Listen, Fulfill and Delight

Since each franchisee only needs three to five employees to begin operations, the actual time frame from purchasing to operating a franchise is minimal. Plus, when you operate under the College Hunks brand name, you can rest assured that you are helping the environment, benefiting the community, molding our nation’s youth into future leaders, and doing “the right thing.”

Features of business:

  • Low Investment
  • Few Employees
  • B-to-B and B-to-C component
  • Eco-friendly and green business
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • 2 businesses for one franchise fee (Moving and Junk Removal)
  • Strong brand name with national recognition
  • Small industrial type office space required


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