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This is FocalPoint

FocalPoint Coaching & Training is a franchise organization of business coaches and trainers who work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to help enhance their companies and their lives by leveraging the coaches’ business experience and the FocalPoint content.

We take the proven business coaching techniques of the world-famous business trainer and author, Brian Tracy (google him when you get the chance), and blend it with the business skills and experience of our coaches.

FocalPoint is about people. We exist as a community of expert coaches and business leaders who are committed to making positive change. Our coaches and clients feel supported knowing that they have the connections necessary to thrive in their business.



Who Makes The Best Coaches?

Our best and most successful coaches are tenacious visionary business builders, who are never satisfied until they dominate the market. They have goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep  commitment to success. Results, respect and control define success for them. They prefer unique, scalable, and proven businesses.

At FocalPoint, our coaches are also motivated to have an impact using their expertise, experience, education and influence. Their lives are characterized by richness and have a wide range of interests and are concerned with social issues.

They follow the franchise system and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they appreciate that a wheel has already been created and they embrace and take full advantage of our proven systems.

A career as a FocalPoint business coach is not for everyone. It requires an upfront franchise investment and an entrepreneurial spirit. It also requires a strong work ethic to establish your coaching business, an ability to develop new relationships (and trust) with business owners and executives, and a strategic mindset to help businesses think differently and jump to the next level.




What our Coach Say About Why They Joined FocalPoint

“I chose FocalPoint because of the cultural alignment to my values... and the ability to build a professional coaching practice as the next step in my career development.”

- Bill Lazor, FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, California


“I chose FocalPoint because I was impressed by the processes and systems they built and how easy they have made it to translate my experience into effective coaching. Furthermore, the core values of FocalPoint very much align with my own personal values.”

- Rhana Kurdi, FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, North Carolina


"FocalPoint has a first-class operation containing great content, minimal territory restrictions, and a great team of authentic individuals willing to support me! Wonderful camaraderie and inclusiveness!"

- Troy Weber, FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, Texas



 Trusted Business Leadership

With the uncertainty in the world and the workplace right now, companies are searching for elite business advisors to help guide them through these turbulent times. They are looking for experienced professionals in a variety of areas to bring some clarity to what they’re facing. Is that you?



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