Wild Bird Centers of America

$75,000 Capital Required

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Birding is Big Business


Big business is happening in backyards all over America; Bird Feeding! Bird feeding brings fun and joy to friends and neighbors of all ages. Instinctively, people love nature. As development consumes the land, opportunities to view or interact with nature diminish. Bird feeding is an easy way to bring song, color, activity and nature to your backyard.

Birding is the second biggest hobby in America, behind gardening, and growing!

A Wild Bird Center franchise is your opportunity to bring a better bird feeding experience to your community and share your passion for nature with friends and neighbors.  What is a better bird feeding experience? More song, more color and character, more variety and more fun!



Have the drive to own and operate your own business? Wild Bird Centers is your opportunity to make your passion your business.


The WBCA System

Great shopping experiences do not happen by accident. The combinations of many factors – location, store design, trade dress, product selection, marketing and much more - are the benchmarks of great retailers. For over 30 years the Wild Bird Center system has provided expertise and experience in critical areas of business operations so you can focus on the key factor: sales. Retail is about sales and small businesses are based on building customer relationships. We provide the necessary tools so you can concentrate on these crucial elements of success.



The Leading Brand

The Wild Bird Center brand supports your business long after the sale is over. Our exclusive Wild Bird Center brand of bird seed, suet, feeders, nest boxes, seed cakes and hardware are designed by experts to ensure a better backyard bird feeding experience. We have worked hard to ensure that the Wild Bird Centers is a brand you can sell with confidence and trust.

Branding makes your Wild Bird Center a household name and the destination for bird feeding supplies.



We've Got Your Back

The expertise and experience of the Wild Bird Center’s team of professionals works for you every day to make your business a success. Extensive support from the beginning is an integral part of the Wild Bird Center program.


  • Location Assistance: Extensive demographic information and market analysis helps you identify the best location for your store.
  • Store Design
  • Training
  • Store Set-Up
  • Product Selection
  • Ongoing Support


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